Ban Appeal: BigChildEater

Byond Account: BigChildEater
Character Name(s): Kai Langston
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): commander xbox 360#6187
Round ID of Ban: 12320
Ban Message
State your appeal: Someone banned me for putting "sexual content" in nanites skull echo, when they asked me to remove it i asked "which ones" which resulted in a ban

Not only did I help teach the skull echo nanites, I also reported the contents of these nanites. Quite literally all of the programs had ERP and lewd content in them. It’s very odd that you would ask which ones.

Honestly, you are lucky this is only a 3 day ban and not a permanent one. Spamming sexual messages to people in the game is highly against our rules. We are an all-ages server and have very little tolerance for this sort of thing. Appeal denied. Wait out your ban and don’t do anything like this when you get back.

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