Ban Appeal:: BryceF

Byond Name: BryceF
Character Name: Not sure, as I have 4 characters.
Discord name: Knight King#9447
Round ID: 11201

  1. First thing to set straight is, I didn’t know the borgs were on drone law set, and to be quite frank… I don’t really know what that means in terms of their laws. They refused to state their laws, so I was under the assumption that they were emagged, and I had only killed 1 borg, the other borg that I thought was emagged, (also refused to state laws) had run away. If I am being one hundred percent honest, I had killed that sec officer because it was 3 am and I wanted to do something stupid before I went to bed, I openly admit it was stupid and that, in and of itself is fair enough to ban me. I was also told to appeal on the forums when I was ready to play seriously, and I am. I’m sorry.

Thanks for making an appeal and acknowledging that you broke the server rules. Please make sure to re-read them and that this doesn’t happen again.

Your appeal is accepted; you should be able to log in now!