Ban Appeal BunnyRED

Byond Account: Bunny(RED)
Character Name(s):Magician Love
Discord Name (ie: Bunny(RED)#6702  ):
Round ID of Ban: 17767

Ban Message (Core 3 asking another player “Do you rape children? in Ic chat”)
State your appeal: I was not “bwoinked” for this, if I was permabanned for leaving, I never was “bwoinked” after an hour after saying this. I was killed by a portal and went to go do some IC stuff till the new round and came back to a permaban. I understand what I said was a bad thing a guy asked me “Do you think I’m a bad man” and I said, “Do you rape children?” He said “No” and I believe he said thanks. I do like this server and enjoy playing on it and I now understand such language is not tolerated. My bad it sorta just seemed like the right answer.

Accepted. Please keep in mind that this sort of language is not tolerated at all. Please don’t say anything like this again. You should be able to connect now.