Ban Appeal: Camilla Blackwood

Byond Account: Hoshifoji
Character Name(s): Camilla Blackwood
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Starforge#2809
Round ID of Ban: Round 16736

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Reason once again joing a round walking 3 steps out of arrivals shuttle waitng for it to leave then spacing yourself antag rolling you used to be staff so you know this isnt ok at all
State your appeal: Hello! So I just want to start off with that I think we are on a bad foot here. I understand that I had been warned of this before recently. Also, I do fully and knowingly understand the rules as written. I had just mid joined the round as curator. Prior to joing the round, there was a MAJOR update for me. Whenever I join a round after a major update, My game gets VERY laggy when I start it up (might be the old video card I run or just that I generally run on about 150 ping and above because of my new location.) I joined the round moved south only to find that the lag was unplayable to the point where I couldnt see my character sprite. I quickly quit and rejoined the round to find that my character was standing in the arrivals hallway. the Ban message said that I spaced myself although more then likely I was sucked out of the airlock while I was reconnecting. I had all intention of playing out the round and to rejoin the game as quickly as I could. Thank you for your time. I hope to continue playing with the fulp crew!

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According to the logs, it appears that you left while walking back towards space, while still in the airlock. This doesn’t really make sense, even if it was incredibly laggy, you shouldn’t be reconnecting while in such a dangerous area. You were still in the arrivals hallway only because you were teleported back there, so you weren’t gibbed by the shuttle.

I will reduce this ban to 7 days, but only because it is outside of progression. Please be more mindful that you aren’t doing things that seem like antag rolling in the future.