Ban appeal-Chamoral

Byond Account:Chamoral
Character Name(s):Arthur Black
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Chamoral#4687
Round ID of Ban:18561

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):made a station announcement that just said “sex” after refusing shuttle recall as captain then bragged about flouting the rules in OOC at the end of the round
State your appeal:well the first part is straight up a lie:it was “sezzzzzzzzz” and not sex i didnt really refuse the shuttle recall as to specifically stating to crew i wouldnt recall it was more of me just ignoring the fact someone else(not me)called the shuttle and seeing no reason to recall it and thus just doing my own thing cuz even though crew wanted me to recall they were mostly ok with it being not recalled as well and well 51%of crew ok with leaving and 49%wanting to prolong the round doesnt mean im a bad captain it just means that sometimes you cant please all and everybody.I dont remember much about the flouting rules in OOC part much so idk maybe it happened maybe not please check cuz i dont remember anything that bad i did in ooc chat that round.So i got banned cuz most of the station was ok with leaving and i just went on with it but probably the other 49%ahelped or something and didnt like me ignoring shuttle being called by somebody else as rulebreaking which obviously by definition is not such.So it would be really cool if somebody unbanned me and like i would be able to play captain again would be really cool thanks your call guys

As the Captain you shouldn’t ignore whoever is calling the shuttle early, it is an integral part of your job.
Regardless of this, you also talked about sex in OOC, kept claiming that the law that forced the AI to call the shuttle was yours while it was an Ion law and antagonizing the crew because of this lie.

I see no reason to unban you, this ban was fair as you clearly didn’t take your role seriously and used it as an excuse to antagonize the crew. You have a list of bans and notes and should know better by now.