Ban appeal cross burns by Zzzmike

  1. Byond Account: Cross burns

  2. Character Name(s): Jeremy Kyle

  3. Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):

  4. Round ID of Ban: 17074

  5. Ban Message (Gyazo/Imgur or copy and paste):image

  6. State your appeal: So I don’t know where to even start here for one you cannot loop a recorder! the story to this is that during the round the HOP was acting insane and I was asked as the CMO to evaluate him. I did this and recorded it but did it as a gimmick reference to the silence of the lambs. after recording it all I thought it was funny and played it over common to everyone’s disgust. zzzMike then messaged me and asked why I played a recorder, I said because it was funny . He then asked me why are you lagging behind the server. I said I wasn’t repeatedly eventually after I realized it was going nowhere I said " if it did lag the server that was not my intention " I didn’t lag at all and don’t know why I would it is a recorder if it was server destroying it wouldn’t be in the game I’m sure. and secondly, you get kicked after 5 minutes of being afk I went to get some food as I’m human believe it or not.

So my issues with the ban are mainly how you handled it, all you had to say is " hey playing recorders lags the server please do be careful using them in the future " instead you play a game of cat and mouse and fatuously keep trying to convince me that I was purposefully trying to lag the server by looping a recorder which you cant and if I was AFK for 10 minutes as you said then I most definitely cannot? I then asked for proof you said me saying “little pig” was proof I was trying to lag the server? I don’t know whether you were frustrated and misread or shambolically mustered a reply without .

After all this, you stopped replying and said “you clearly just want to argue”? YES, I’m trying to argue against someone trying to convince me a “recorder” can lag the server by getting this using it for its purpose? please show me what evidence you had to prove that a “recorder” will lag the server because I looked it up during the admin chat and nowhere has anyone ever mentioned “recorders” lagging the server which makes sense because there are 100 people on a server talking 2 people on a recorder isn’t gonna change much. @Zzzmike

As said in the ban message, I’m the one that talked to you in game, not Mike.

Recorders on their own don’t degrade the server, but recorder looping is a thing and a well-known server crashing bug. The moderator in the ticket told you as much. Denied.