Ban appeal daddy doge

Byond Account: daddy doge
Character Name(s): taruiq hajari rashul
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): never went on the discord server
Round ID of Ban: 17077
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: Explained to this guy multiple times that I needed the ce hardsuit to go into the sm chamber to properly extinguish and cool down the sm while it was melting down. He misworded that it was an accident that I needed to steal the ces hardsuit because I needed the rad protection (?) I needed the ce hardsuit as the rad suit does not protect against the flames that the co2 burning sm emitted and if I went in there with the rad suit, I would’ve died to the fire and the sm would’ve blown up into a tesla. I went into med bay as I needed brute and burn patches that would heal me through the heavily radiated ce hardsuit and I wasn’t there to radiate other people. I also explained that I couldn’t take off the ce hardsuit as if I did, I would’ve died from the radiation that was on the ce hardsuit. I only took the ce hardsuit as it was literally the only option to cool down the sm as it was on fire and I needed to go into the chamber itself to extinguish the flames with fire extinguishers and I took it off when I had no more radiation left on the hardsuit. I had absolutely no intention to break the rules as it was literally the whole station on the line if I did not take the ce hardsuit to cool down the sm myself.

The round is still in-progress, we ask that any grief patrols or ban appeals wait until after. Unlisted for now.

Considering you lied in your previous appeal saying you’d change your name, there’s no way I can trust a word you said here.

Denied. You can appeal again in one month.

For the record, misrepresenting your ban reason on reddit and accusing us of islamophobia is not how you get your ban appealed.