Ban Appeal - Danny Martin Valentino

  1. Byond Account: Olafdankinson

  2. Character Name(s): Danny Martin Valentino

  3. Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): smolaf

  4. Round ID of Ban: 20106

  5. Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

  6. State your appeal:

I was playing as a chef this round. A clown(or assistant im not sure) kept breaking into botany repeatedly. The other chef went to get materials and repair the glass botany walls so we could keep up food production when the clown attacked him in the hall. I went to his defense trying to disarm the clown. We eventually went back to the kitchen but the clown kept harassing us by throwing chairs, glass, and eventually a fire bomb/combustible lemon into the kitchen.

The moth is a separate issue that started earlier. When cult was in the back maint, we called sec to help. For some reason the moth came into the kitchen at that piont. After asking us if we needed medical help I said no, just sec. He fried something then left. Later on he came back and walked into the kitchen. this happened around the time we started fighting with the clown. I dragged the moth out of the kitchen twice passively and told him to leave the kitchen. He never clearly stated what he needed out of our area. After my second attempt to remove him, the clown threw in a combustible lemon, that a botanist threw across the counter, lighting me and the moth on fire. I put out the moth with a fire extinguisher and the other chef took him to med. The moth (medic) came back and started yelling at us about handcuffs that he had left in the kitchen.

I am frustrated that youre saying im lying as your ban clearly shows you didnt read my in game explanation or check the logs!

Hello. My ban is over today but I would still like resolution to this issue.

Moderators that do not check logs and harass players without doing any investigating make playing on Fulp not fun. Not to mention, now I have a recorded ban calling me a LIAR.

I did not break any rules. I followed rp guidelines stated in fulp rules on how to deal with antagonistic players and reviving/getting medical for crew mates that are crit/dead. Not only was I accused of self an-tagging but was grief’d by the players after they themselves complained to the mod. How hard is it to check the logs before you ban someone?!

It is possible you told both the clown and the moth to leave in the forum of saying fuck off which is in your say logs. But most of your dialog is just idle hostile chatter so i can easily see telling someone to fuck off as not asking them to leave as much as it’s just banter. I will edit that part of your ban but you did still break the rules by killing the clown and moth after you beat them well past crit. So bans still valid and you were not the only one punished bad sitatuon with multiple parties acting up.

Edit because i forgot to respond to the comment

no they both died so factually not true at all.

also factually not true and there is no evidence to back this up.

Your poor behavior in game and in this ban appeal is very reflective of why this ban was placed since it seems it was all of a misunderanding you telling everyone to fuck off and calling everyone bitches or how youd kill them.