Ban appeal Darkhal

**Byond Account:** Darkhal
**Character Name(s):** Richard Conway
**Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):** Darkhal #9013
**Round ID of Ban:** 20773
**Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):** Banned by host: You, or another user of this computer or connection (Darkhal) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is: Round ID: 20773 - Core 4, As captain, had the nuke disk inserted into you, and made some uncomfortable comments about it IC. I mentioned this was skirting our core 4 rule a little too close and asked you to tone it down but you responded "Really tiring god" IC instead of responding to the ticket, which shows me you're really not taking this seriously This ban (BanID #30461) was applied by maxspells on 2022-06-17 10:54:59 during round ID 20773. The ban is for 3 days and expires on 2022-06-20 10:54:59 (server time).

State your appeal:
This ban refers to me getting the nuke disk inserted in my chest after answering the HOS asking me “where’s the nuke disk” to “in my ass”. I had not meant this in any way sexual, as this was a rebutal to a dumb question (HoS had the tracker pointing at me).
After saying that it motivated me to go and get the disk inserted for real in my chest since i never did that as captain before. I asked CMO to insert it. CMO asked if i wanted a “rectal insertion”. Knowing the surgery is on the chest but going his way as I wanted the surgery done and gone, I said “Yes, all the way”. He then asks me to “bend over and cough” to which i did a /me"coughs". CMO went on to /me"put on a latex glove". He then proceeded to do the surgery normally and i /me"greet teeth" as he scalpel me open and occassionnaly *Scream with the pain messages. Non of us made any further comments and went on to our affairs.
I did not request or nudge the CMO to “put it in my ass” i just wanted the implant surgery done so I went along.
What i found tiring to which i said “really tiring god” is non of us were taking this seriously. When i was bwoinked I had already moved on before even the surgery happened. Yet people were screaming about “me wanting the nuke disk in my ass”.
I also really didn’t know what to say to this bwoink, i understood it as a warning and was already ready to play normally, which i did afterwards before being banned.
Max, I am sorry for not answering to your MP, but i wish to say I understood. It was never my plan to have the discussions go this way
I condone ERP, so I am deeply sorry if anyone really thought i meant the CMO to insert the disk in my ass knowing the surgery is in the chest
My brain disconnects surgery and ERP, so I did not see it in a harmful way. Once again i’m sorry for anyone feeling offended by this
I believe the ban is justified, i just wish to be heard on that matter and not being thinked of as an ERP guy in my notes

Thank you


I agree.

Don’t start talking about inserting things in your ass next time and then go along and RP it, might help.