Ban Appeal - DavidDukeNukem

I would like to make an appeal towards my permaban, issued by Horatio22. The ban note states "Your ckey is a prominent white supremicis, and you've been warned for posting sexual things in the past. Get a new account and appeal on the forums. Round ."
Horatio22 completely dismissed any discussion towards the matter of my ckey. "You seriously think it's okay to name yourself after a white supremicist?" I named myself after Duke Nukem. My ckey is an amalgamation of my first name and the fictional character, Duke Nukem. If i said I wasn't stunned by the permaban, I'd be lying. I had no chance to tell him why my ckey was DavidDukeNukem. Instant ban. Just because my ckey shares some similarities to some white supremacist I've never heard of. I've played on this station a long time and have never been harassed about it. Horatio22 is clearly acting on pathos alone, no logos was considered. It seems to me that his judgment as an admin is very clouded. clouded by politics and a sensitive ego.
Adressing the sex talk, I was making an off-color joke. Three words. That was it. I never said anything that couldn't be said on T.V.

This incident really makes me think twice about this server. Now, the onus is on you.

Denied because David Duke isn’t a very appropriate ckey if youre wondering why thats the name of a big time white supremacist this inst a sticky ban so you can come back whenever just with a new ckey!