Ban Appeal- Delta76

Byond Account: Delta76756
Character Name(s): Crux Gunner
Discord Name : Delta76#8553
Round ID of Ban: 11560
Ban Message :

State your appeal: My intent hitting him with the Fire Axe was not to kill but to dissuade him from harassing me or the captain. From my perspective he’s been harassing me before and the captain now while it might’ve been escalating the situation a little too far I do not believe a 3 day ban is warranted.

If you need me to elaborate I can always get into a VC in the discord and talk.

Killing someone with a fire axe in real-life over what you perceive to be harassment isn’t remotely appropriate, and nor is it in line with our escalation clause in-game. It looks like this was applied appropriately considering you received a note for self-antag the day before. Appeal denied; please look over our rules and come back when your ban expires.