Ban Appeal - Edgeotron 2

Byond Account: Edgeotron
Character Name(s): Oklahoma Biggs
Discord Name: BassProShopsPyramid#7872
Round ID of Ban:9403
Ban Message:

State your appeal: So pretty much I’ve been inactive with the game as a whole for the past couple of months and I think I’m ready to come back to it after thinking over everything that happened before, I’d like to say my playstyles completely changed from how it was when I got banned but from your perspective I get how that’d be hard to believe. So yeah I don’t have much more to say other than I’m sorry and I hope you take this in good faith.

I’m willing to appeal this so long as you acknowledge that the very next time you break server rules, it’s going right back to perma. All the old antics, particularly as captain, need to stop. No more power gaming, no more RDM, no more validhutning. Understood?

hell yea im a changed man, im probably not even coming back for another couple of months lol just wanna get it over with, get you completely. also if you could unban kongakrazy too thatd be great but i think i can live without it

This appeal has been accepted on condition that the next infraction will be back to perma then.