Ban Appeal: EgorDinamit #2

Byond Account: EgorDinamit
Character Name: Jeff Kanei
Discord Name: EgorDinamit#0353
Round ID of Ban: 10357
Banning Admin: Tom F Hardy

Ban Message



To begin with...

To begin with, let’s recreate the situation that happened.
I am playing as HoS, patroling station, trying to arrest a know clown shitter, with hulk mutation, that was lubing the hallways and breaking several walls/doors (according to screams in the common channel).

Useless conversation

I then mid-way through going around the station see MHelp - “How do I Fuu Majin”.
Their message sounded like a goddamn meme(“John help” level), so I first asked something like “As a cultist or what?”, to which they replied, “Just in general”.
I then use the “mentor follow” command, where I see that they are just walking around in brig, no cult structures, no nothing, so I assume that they are not an antag, and simply answer “You have to be a cultist to ‘Fu Majin’” and here our conversation stops.

Shitter Clown and his Lawyer

After this quite strange and useless conversation, I for some time(approx. 5-10 minutes) walk around and head to medbay after hearing on command chat that Honker is there.
I successfully crit him with a gun, to remove hulk mutation, heal, cuff and then bring to the cell to be demoted by RD(I should admit Honker was a Clown with Geneticist job. He is doing this stupid gimmick for a week already).
While I am in the process of waiting and confiscating some of the clown’s items the beefman lawyer begins his yet another speech on how security is violating space law and how much blood there is. I pay almost no attention until RD arrives and finally demotes clown.

After that, I start to examine people that were crowding near the clown’s window and then I notice the “His eyes are glowing in unnatural red colour!” message.
It was the beefman lawyer, so I notify my department and call for a chaplain, that’s where a pretty much normal cult round begins and ends the part that is needed for this ban appeal.


I, personally, love this part of the story, because it looks so stupid and hilarious at the same time. Admin violating their own rules that they created.

Okay, so I am playing through the round as normal, though I was sitting at brig most of the time due to lag and arming my officers and mindshielded crewmembers with weapons.
At some point(~20 minutes after the previous chapter) I move out with my team to secure shuttle and possible cult locations(engineering/medbay, mostly maints).
We find nothing at engineering and enter medical-janitor maintenance zone.
Everything freezes
Did server crash, hm? Haha, if only.
You have been banned because [1 sentence reason].

Without investigating the situation,
Without admin-pm’ing the person they have banned,

Immediately assumed the worst of said person and instantly banned them, even though it is against Code of Conduct they took part in making.

Additional note

There is also a staff report, make sure you don’t miss it.
The staff report is more a complaint to Head Admin directly, because it is against a full admin, so don’t bother reviewing/editing/deleting it.

And no, [generic admin name], this isn’t a part of ban appeal.
Now please, consider actually investigating situation because his assumptions != truth.

If you ever want to bring up my “Fulp hate” you’ll be wrong. Fulp rules are okay, the ones who enforce them as they wish are not.

Go ahead, [generic admin name], now close it because it’s your rules and you don’t have to follow them.

This will be closed since you were already talked to and you’ve been talked to many many times in the past about aggression towards staff members. We as a community don’t appreciate or accept malicious and overly toxic members.