Ban Appeal: Fascist Leader Reason: inappropriate joke made on discord

Byond Account: Fascist Leader
Character Name(s): Skyler Ackerly
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Holy Crusader#5684
Round ID of Ban: 20380 (I was banned for something bad I said in discord) 

Ban Message (Gyazo/Imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:
I know I deserve to be banned but let me explain my situation; when I was banned for misusing ahelp, I appealed, and it was denied. The admin explained why it was denied, and in the heat of the moment, I tried to explain my point further, but I was still denied, and he explained that I would have to wait out the ban. I knew I should have waited, but I was pissed off at that time because my ban appeal was rejected, so I made a crude and inappropriate joke that I should not have made; I agree that the joke was terrible and not funny at all and some may have believed that it was not a joke, but this is one of the only ss13 servers I play on that I actually have fun in, I apologize for the joke I made. It will never happen again, I promise. I have been banned for some weeks now, and I have learned not to make those mistakes anymore. So all I want is a second chance. That is all I ask for; also, if my appeal is not denied, which I am hoping it is not, I want to switch accounts because I made my byond username a few years ago, and it sounds edgy. So that is all I wanted to say. I hope I am given just a second chance.

Your note history is just repeating the same issue again and again and again.
Lying in ahelps, lying in ahelps and lying in ahelps.
There is no way that I would believe you won’t just go back to your default state of making the round worse for everyone else and then trying to blame them for it.