Ban Appeal for Compatability

Byond Account: Compatability
Character Name at time of Ban: Xera Nova
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): sant undertall junr#1578
Round ID of Ban: 16312

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
Banned by host: You, or another user of this computer or connection (Compatability) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is:Round 16312 Reason FAIL RP as a lone ops in ic was saying it was his firt time as a nukie to the hos when asked not to, debated in ahelps that it should be ok becasue theyre new and need advice while never using ahelps or mentor helps, when i asked you to stop and resolved the ticket, went to dead chat to cry. This ban (BanID #21554) was appleid by Sligggist on 2021-08-22 14:52:15 during round ID 16312. The ban is for 3 days and expires on 2021-08-25 14:52:15 (server time)
Time banned: 14:52:15, 2021-08-22 (Y,M,D format)
State your appeal: I wished to get advice by the HoS, as they are most experienced with handling antags and thus could help me become a better one, as a solo op nukie, admin came reporting it as IC OOC (OOC in character RP), which is mostly fine apart from the fact that the server is “Beginner Friendly” and asking for advice ingame is treated as opposing the rules (more explained on why I felt . If I was to speak in OOC “how do I get good as nukie”, pretty obvious I’m a nukie and that can be seen as IC OOC (character RP in OOC) aswell. Argued the same point back to admin. Met with him resolving the ticket, in which I believe he asked me to stop IC OOCing (OOC in character RP), sure. They suggested I should ask mentors for advice, but no offense, they give me information that could literally be read off of the wiki, no ingame guidance. Argued that too. Banned for making light of the situation in deadchat, saying how resolving the ticket after getting the “last laugh” in was an idiotic move. Was funny at first, now I feel like the ban was unjustified and more of a move out of anger, based upon the misspellings and lack of formal punctuation in the ban reason, not to mention saying that I was “crying” (funny tbf). Three days for calling their childish method of resolution idiotic seems less of a reason than it does a way to strike back. If this is seen as unjustified, first of all I appreciate you reading this either way, and whatever measures are took within a realistic boundary I would be glad to accept, if not, I’m fine to sit through the three day ban and I’m sorry we couldn’t see eye to eye.

This ban was placed properly. You have the appropriate tools in game to ask for help, the mentors, if you choose not to because “they give me information that could literally be read off of the wiki, no ingame guidance” and then choose to break the rules instead, that is on you.


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