Ban appeal for Eden7

Byond Account: Eden7
Character Name(s): Randomized names
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Chad Snaccula#1307
Round ID of Ban: 11072
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: I am pretty sure that this ban is talking about the round where I was a cook and got brainwashed by who I think was an internal affairs agent. I was brainwashed by him in the kitchen and told that my duty is to kill an engineer, who later became an HOP.

I was following my brainwashing orders by using my hulk mutation to break into the HOP office and try to kill him there, but I failed and he ran off (this was when the evac shuttle was already docked at the station). So I decided to run down to the evac shuttle to try to finish him off in a final effort (I assume being brainwashed means IC I am dedicated to finishing my objective). I tried to welder bomb where the command section of the shuttle was but decided not to, since I didn’t see the HOP there. I was doing everything I can to finish my brainwashing objective, so I apologize if I committed too much collateral damage.

I also apologize for leaving the game right after the round ended and not being able to see if there were any admin reports or chats about me. It was late at night for me.

This should have been an antag ban at most, so I edited the ban to only include antagonist roles. You should be able to log in and play as a regular crew until the ban is up.