Ban appeal for Fatcat

Byond Account:Fatcat1234
Character Name(s):Shonk ( i was the clown that round )
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Fatcat
Round ID of Ban:Round 21089

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): after tiding into the brig and talking about your ticket IC while i was checking logs , started bitching in the ticket .Please ttake some time to read the rules as you have had manyy issues with staff recently
State your appeal:
I broke rule 0 at Admin Interraction :Our staff is composed entirely of volunteers who work to make Fulp a welcoming community to all players. While it’s okay to express frustration with admin interactions, doing so in a way that is aggressive or harassing will result in a mute or a ban. If you harass staff, expect consequences to come as a result of your actions or your issue to be discarded

  1. I act like a bitch complain about you when i blew up , no i was being a asshole i khow i should stop but i didn’t i feel shame on myself , can’t belived i just did im a idiot.
    2.this is my first time do a ban appeal in Flupstaion if i say something wrong or do something wrong please let me khow , i don’t want to mess thing up so i want to say sorry for what i did . Can you maybe reduce the time ban i don’t khow 7 might too much for me i did say “hate you/hate god/admin abuse”, complain about other clown can have HoS gear , be a asshole but please i really try my best here i can’t control my anger that well. I…i really love flupstation is the best station i ever play , i addicted to it.
    3.Im really for what i did , i hope you have a great day thank for reading this

The main issue of this ban was greytiding and ock ick, not admin interaction. Anyway, the ban is justified but the duration is outside of progression, so I’m reducing this to a 3 day ban from the start of the ban.