Ban Appeal for FormorA

Byond Account: FormorA
Discord Name: Smasher#7415
I’m sorry, I know nothing else.

Appeal: I had been banned MANY months ago and I had quit Fulp and SS13 in general because of real life issues I was dealing at the time. I have tried logging in recently to see how everything has been or occasionally checking the Discord server to see how people are doing but I never got back into the game fully. Today, I decided to log on and figure out what the account that I had been banned on was(I couldn’t remember.) Slig had provided me with a list of accounts under my name (several of which I’m pretty sure I deleted a LOOONG time ago) and I’m 99% positive that the account I was banned on was FormorA and was the account I had put many hours on. However, after requesting a password recovery and requesting an email I have not received anything on any of my emails and am now one wrong password from having the account get locked out. So I thought that I may as well play on a fairly new one called “Zoniax” but wanted to make sure to appeal that old account so that I wouldn’t get punished while playing on this new one. I remember nothing about the ban details or if any of the logs are saved from back then. I haven’t played in a very long time and I want to get back into the game :(.

There isn’t a ban on this account, nor is there a sticky ban associated with your new ckey. If you’re having trouble logging in, please post the actual ban message so we can investigate it.