Ban Appeal for JaxonMaxx part 2

Byond Account: JaxonMaxx
Character Name(s): rebecca
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): JaxonMaxx#8293
Round ID of Ban: 13277
Ban Message: Cringe78 is banned from playing here due to hatespeech after already being warned once. This is a permanent ban.

This isnt my character key. I dont know why this happened again. But a ban applied to one byond account also was applied to me.

I asked cringe78 previous to the ban why their account matched with your ip. they said they didn’t know your ckey, then they said they were playing with a friend. just passing this info along.

thanks. Yeah its weird. Idk why it keeps happening.

Here are the logs and reason this ban was also applied to you via the sticky ban system. What a sticky ban does is it bans you and all accounts with the same IP as yours you were sticky banned because your brother got banned.
This is the original ahelp that was started with your brother

You can see where he says hes playing with his brother then saying hes just playing with his friends. Moko originally let him go after this because it was his first offense and he had barely any time on the server. He wasn’t able to respond to ahelps so moko spawned himself in as santa in admin jail to talk to him.

That’s what he said almost instantly after getting out of admin jail and why he got banned. Your appeal is not being accepted since all you really had to do was a simple “i was playing with my brother” but instead you chose to go the rout of not knowing why this happened or who cringe78. You can try to appeal this ban again if you want to be fully truthful.

TLDR: Denied your brother was banned and this ban appeal is just feigning ignorance.