Ban Appeal for joanboring26

Byond Account: joanboring26
Character Name(s): Dookie McPoopie
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Richard#9468
Round ID of Ban: 11529
Ban Message:
Applied by Sliggist.
Told to use a more appropiate name refused to aruging they’ve used it forever and shouldnt have to change it and rdm as a ling killing non targets and venting evac by smashing windows open.
State your appeal:
Numero 1-
Have had this name since i started playing back in 2019-03-29 14:24:42, i’ve had 13250 minutes clocked into the server since then, i’ve had multiple talks with admins before over other miscellaneous stuff(Ahelps and stuff), none of them mentioned the name and the only time it was mentioned i was just told that it was a terrible name (It kind of is but i’ve had it for so long that i just kind of stuck with it).
Numero 2-
There was another ling stabbing a doctor in the shuttle, i told Sliggist that he should probably yell at him too, he ignored it and immediately switched topics to telling me to change my name.
Numero 3-
As Sliggist stated before “rdm as a ling killing non targets”, i didnt even kill anyone THE ENTIRE ROUND, EXCEPT for round end, but you know, it’s round end.

I really don’t see how smashing 3 window tiles is worthy of a 3 day ban.

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Might as well post the discord message i made too:
Ok so:

  • Be me, Dookie McPoopie, have had this name for ages already
  • Get ling, ok i guess, dont really want to be a bad man so i gues i’ll just dick around the round
  • Go to robo get augmented mess around and teach some other robo the basics of aug surgery, ok so far.
  • Shuttle approaches, guess i’ll do something “Bad” before round ends? Idk
  • Go around with an axe breaking glass, get to shuttle and break 3 glass windows.
  • Immediately pinged by admin “What are you doing?”.
  • Tell him that i was ling so i was just messing around.
  • Starts telling me that its wrong to kill non targets bla bla bla, rdm, you know the drill.
  • Tell him to yell at the ling that was IN THE SHUTTLE KILLING A RANDOM GUY.
  • No response to this.
  • Tells me my name is “Dumb and that i should change it”.
  • I tell him that i’ve already had this name for several months and played hundreds of hours with it.
  • Tells me that he’s shocked no one else had yelled at me.
  • I tell him that i’m not changing it, since some admins even saw the name and just told me it was terrible but they ignored it.
  • He bans me for 3 days for “RDMING PEOPLE”, i didnt even kill a single person that round.
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Smashing windows at evac for no reason other than it’s “bad”, isn’t RDM, but it is still needless endangerment of the rest of the crew. Also, the admin didn’t wait until you asked about the other person to bring up your name, they did it in the second message they sent you, before you tried to deflect onto the other person. Refer to these rules from our antagonist policy:

1.4. Do what is needed for your goals. Destroying half the station when you only need to steal research is an example of going extremely overboard. Causing chaos in a department with a bomb is okay but destroying half the station is not.
1.5 Forcing an early shuttle call by sabotaging the station because you have the objective to escape alive on a shuttle is excessive.

Also for the name thing, that name is not up to our RP standards and needs to be changed. We get players complaining all the time about LRP names, and this is a great example. Please change it.

Appeal denied, though I altered the ban message a bit to reflect the situation better.