Ban appeal for racism

Character Name(s):Pedro fea
Discord Name (ie: D35TRUCT0R#7189):
Round ID of Ban:19260

Ban Message Joined the discord server just to say the N-word you aren’t welcome here.
State your appeal:I just want to say before I make this appeal I apologise for making a shitpost one before this one. Anyways this ban isnt the correct one but i have two bans and i dont remember the first one but here we go. So i joined the fulp discord server one day and decided to do something that i tought would be ‘funny’ spamming the N-word. Which wasnt funny which was very imatture and im sorry i should know what language not to use im sorry for using language thats not wanted here and I regret using it what i did wasnt funny it was annoying and imatture and i won’t do it again. and also if a vouch is needed I can get one from a russian server where i don’t have any notes called tau ceti ru.

You ban history is just gross.