Ban Appeal for ToeMalone (Carlton Banks)

Byond Account: ToeMalone
Character Name(s): Carlton Banks ( I think, its been a  few months)
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Toe Malone#6199 (not currently in Discord, but will join)
Round ID of Ban:round ID 20148
Ban ID: #29042

Ban Message: Wrote “N Word” on the shuttle and told me its not racist, with previous notes about this
State your appeal: So, in my defense, I’m mixed, and didn’t see any issue with writing “n word” on the shuttle in crayon. Its been a few months, and I won’t be doing any of that nonsense again. I’ve honestly really been missing playing on Fulpstation, it has good community and good fun. I will be sure to stick closely to the rules, at the time I had figured it was harmless fooling around but I can see why it was wrong.

This appeal seems genuine, so I’m very cautiously going to accept it. Whether the player claims to be a certain race or not really doesn’t affect our decision-making with rules; it’s not practical for us to keep a running list of everyone who claims to be a certain race and is therefore allowed to use certain slurs. However, if there are any further issues with hate speech or sexual content (as your previous ban was about this) you will be put back on perma. You should be able to log back into the server. If not, please let me (or another admin) know.

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