Ban Appeal: frick astley

Byond Account: Dontknow69
Character Name: Fichelstein Wrinkleworth III
Discord Name: frick astley#7664
Round ID of Ban: 13969
Ban Message: Attacked set a person on fire and attack
multiple people and his reason was “it funi”.
State your appeal: It’s been months since my last round of Fulpstation and Space Station 13 in
general and I’ve forgotten most of the rules. I’m really sorry and didn’t intend to grief. The admin
was over-exaggerating a little as I only set one person on fire and he had ample time to run as I
told him “Hold still”. I really like playing on this server and I’d be super bummed out if I were perma-

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The reason for the perma wasn’t the lighting people on fire itself, but not taking the admin PMing you about it seriously at all. If you respond with “it’s funi” when asked why you’re randomly lighting people on fire, do you really expect us to interpret that as anything but intentional grief? Not knowing the rules isn’t an excuse to break them. There are several ways to get to the rules when you join the server; if you don’t know them and don’t bother to check, that’s 100% on you.

That being said, I did reduce this to a 3 day ban. You’ll be able to log in on the 19th (server time) Please make sure that you read the rules before then.