Ban appeal from a old player - Gabe460

Byond Account(s): Gabe460/Gabe469
Character Name: Gabe Hotpants
Discord Name :gabeiscools#8936
Round ID of Ban: 12049

Ban Message :core 2- self antag as a warden you took a box of throwing stars and threw them randomly at crew members you just got off mass grief was applied by horatio22
State your appeal: ok so i did not randomly throw them at people i tried to throw them at people who where chasing me down and trying to kill me and its almost been a year this was my favorite server i was sad when i got banned and now i have the courage to ask for a unban i dont know if you will or not but it would be fun to play i first server again

You sure that’s why you want to come back?

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yes it is it didnt even cross my mind about the beestation ban

ive been playing goon so i kinda forgot about that

By looking at your list of bans and the fact you got perma banned here twice, fool me once…