Ban appeal from daddy doge for having a chained name

Byond Account: Daddy Doge
Character Name(s): Taruiq Nasheed Rashul Hajari Indiva
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): ( N/A, never went on the discord )
Round ID of Ban: 17033

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
Refused to change name from a mash up of several different political commentators after being asked to do so. Said it was his “rp religion”. Feel free to appeal when you’re ready to play by our RP standards.

State your appeal: I mentioned my name was normal in the religion I believe in-game as its normal to chain names in Islam. In all the servers I’ve went to, no admin has ever confronted me for my name as its completely normal to chain names like I do. Also, my name has no correlation to any political commentator, its just a chain of names I’m familiar with and has no affiliation with anyone. I have no clue why I was confronted for my name as I’ve been using this name for years on rp servers without any repercussion, it just seems out of nowhere to permanently ban me from changing my appearance for that.
Besides that, I’m willing to change my name as its important in a rp setting and standard

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This appeal confuses me. Are you going to change your name or not? If so, I’m fine with accepting this appeal, but I need you to clarify that first.

i was just stating that chained names are completely normal in the context of my in game religion, but yes im going to change my name

Alright I’ll change the ban to a 3 day. Accepted.