Ban Appeal GodisaSerb

Byond Account:GodisaSerb
Character Name(s):Richard Gary
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):BrianGayness#1630
Round ID of Ban:15486
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Screenshot - eda850e499230e61a8bafd11515bf547 - Gyazo
State your appeal: Ironically RPing as Bob Lazar stating Jewish people are Lizards and Palestine isn’t ok. In itself are both illogical due to both statements being outlandish. IE lack of any real discrimination towards anyone just stated that a lack of a country would be paradise. Not saying its not offensive, but a brainlet can see irony and humor. I have had a couple run ins with the Admin present, resulting altercations based on miscommunication, nonetheless it would be cool to stay on the sever I play on regularly.

I don’t remember there being an exception for “ironic” racism in the rules?

4). Hate speech is strictly forbidden. Using the Discord, the SS13 server, or the forums to threaten a group of people or to propagate racial and otherwise prejudiced slurs or stereotypes is a bannable offense. We take this seriously and want to create a server that is welcoming to all people. This includes variations or misspellings of slurs. SS13 is your character’s workplace; if you would get fired for saying it in a modern-day office setting, you shouldn’t be saying it on the server.

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Its Bob Lazar, its not racism if Im saying human being are clones to be consumed. It’s a mad conspiracy theory about aliens and the end if humanity, not that Jews or Palestinines are bad. It not even a sterotype.

Its interesting that you would ban me for making ironic hateful comments, but post ironic hate speech agaisnt the Brits.

Miscommunication… ye no…

We have multiple run ins with people that do this, that Roleplay as someone “crazy” or “that just don’t like aliens” and it’s mostly the expected rebranded racism and dog whistling of the real world but put against the game species.
You saying you’re doing racism RP because “humor” won’t help either and just make it looks like you simply never read our server rules if you thought this would be fine… Or just think that comparing the SS13 lizards, which are constantly the focus of racists, to Jews would be funny.

Also trying to say that making British jokes, like about their accent, is the same as comparing Jews to Lizards…

Denied, shauldn’t’ hav’ tried to defend a racist’ point’ of view innit’.