Ban appeal: gooddays13

Byond Account: gooddays13 or Good_Days13 idk
Character Name: Ryder Perkins
Discord Name: Good_Days13#8153
Round ID of Ban: 11422

I was being really toxic because I was mad about being spaced while SSD, but I shouldn’t have gone that far. I didn’t know it was an antag that spaced me. It’s ok to complain, but I got toxic. I’m sorry for what I said. I will try to contain my anger in the future.

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I still wanna know who the a antag was and what their objective was

Their only objective was literally to kill you. That’s fine under our antag and SSD policies. Go SSD in a safer area if you don’t want this to happen again.

Regarding the appeal, I made the ban, so I won’t address it, but you already have a note about your toxic behavior and were told the next offense would be a ban last time we talked. This should, at the very least, stay a 3 day ban.

Honestly, i was just trying to vent my frustration with being killed while SSD, and i was thinking my killer was likely still alive so they wouldn’t hear anything i was saying.

This is taking a while for anyone to respond

After looking into this, I have decided to just unban you, seeing as it has been nearly 3 days since the ban. This is still considered a 3 day ban and will affect future bans, so please try to keep the venting to an acceptable level and avoid direct insults to other players. Please do remember that the other characters are other people and most of which are new to the game.