Ban Appeal: Guy-Mallory

  • Byond Account: Guy-Mallory
  • Character Name(s): Carmen Lazarus
  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Weezer#4623
  • Round ID of Ban: 12220
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
  • State your appeal: I will not argue against the 3 day command ban, that’s entirely reasonable. But upgrading that to a full server ban for “abhorrent admin interaction” is a bit much. After I was given the command ban I suddenly was struck with permanent crippling brain damage. Which seemed a bit of a coincidence, so I said in ahelp that it seemed immature to give a brain damage bolt on top of a 3 day ban. But apparently it was just a 1/75 chance that happened to happen to me shortly after a ticket was closed that wasn’t in my favor. I don’t think I was on the level of abhorrence.

You opened not one, but 3 tickets regarding this, and straight up “requested” another player get banned. Telling mods how to moderate (something that they all willingly volunteer to do to make the server playable), especially as a mentor, is not acceptable. You and I have chatted about your inappropriate conduct toward staff and what the expectations are for being a mentor in this regard. This is, once again, not meeting those expectations. Appeal denied.

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