Ban Appeal Hajkduk

Byond Account: Hajduk
Character Name(s): Osmund Muller
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Hedemod#1048
Round ID of Ban: 15451
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Antag rolling, command 1 As a non-antag RD, disconnected shortly after the round started. You have a note about possible antag rolling from another round earlier this week.

State your appeal: The accusation based on which i was banned is False. Apparently i was antag rolling as a head of staff (RD). And i was banned because of another note that i unknowingly got earlier this week which states possible antag rolling. To make myself clear i never antag rolled in my history of ss13 and i have no previous bans of ever doing such thing. I also have a history of ahelping whenever i would have to go ssd in order for some ghost to take my role. Due to some RL issues i had to go off immediately and had no time to make an ahelp. As from my knowledge leaving as an head is not a bannable offence and is only advised to be avoided because ten minutes have to pass till the body can be made available for ghosts. So based on this i conclude that my ban was delivered on accusation of me Antag rolling as an head. If applicable i request a complete Command/Antag role unban which is currently three days long. Here is a link to my ban data CentCom | View Bans

Yes, leaving without ahelping as a head is bannable. We pretty routinely give out command bans for leaving while a command role. The antag ban is a different issue entirely, but I will mention that he didn’t return for the rest of the round (as an antag or otherwise), if that clarifies things for whoever handles this appeal.

Since this is your first offense for leaving as command, I’ll remove those roles from the ban. However, it seems very suspicious that you have done the same thing at least twice recently. I’m leaving the antag ban portion. Please do ahelp next time you need to leave as command, even if you need to leave that second. Quickly typing up a message and then disconnecting is fine, it will show up on our end still.