Ban appeal - HITIAEVOC2

Byond Account: HITAEVOC2
Character Name(s): Sankara Thomas
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): iamgayyesiam
Round ID of Ban: 11565
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): “As the HOP you announced that you would suicide and did it. This is the second time i’ve seen you do this and while it was dealt with in character the first time by the captain finding another HOP, this time a changeling rushed into your office after your announcement and got AA. You should take your command role seriously, and not use it to ruin everyone else’s round.”
State your appeal: I realize my mistake and my failure in the command role, I did not think about the obvious flaw in announcing your suicide until this round. I had something that I needed to do IRL that couldn’t wait, and I thought since it worked last time it would work this time. Clearly I was wrong, but I don’t think a permanent ban was really necessary especially since I wasn’t warned about suiciding the first time. I really love this server and I honestly did not intend to ruin the round. I see I am not good at command roles and I was trying to something new by playing a command role but it seems that it clearly doesn’t work for me or the station. I just think a permanent ban is really harsh though.

This is definitely a bit overboard for this situation. I have downgraded it to a 3 day command ban instead of a permanent server ban.