Ban appeal / is being 6 mouth

Byond Account: ReyGarufa
Character Name(s): Becky Faust
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): ReyGarufa#4416
Round ID of Ban: 16405

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: so that, is being 6 mouths and i am i love whit the combat system.playing in the other tg servers feels like you’re not doing anything, as long as you start graytiding or copying some crazy idea that you’ve seen on youtube. Roleplay feels wrong or empty to me, like everyone just wants to do stupid things and that doesn’t entail to a solid experience in which players work together to achieve a goal. Trying to role-play as a specific job sometimes backfires, nobody pays attention to you (not that it’s necessary), it feels empty, flat or unnecessary and it’s just not fun (aka sec). so that’s it, 6 months have passed, I don’t think I’ve learned anything, I’m NOT going to say more words or phrases that can and will be misunderstood by the players and the community, trying to play the best way possible according to the rules of the server and game. Thanks a lot

It’s been a while so sure.
Be sure to read the rules again, you have a lot of hours in the server and if you break them it will go back to a perma.

Hope you have fun there, accepted.

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