Ban appeal: Jack54321f (command perma ban)

Byond Account:Jack54321f
Character Name(s): Beans McHeinz
Discord Name: FriedCheese#4369 (I am in the midst of getting verified by the time of writing this)
Round ID of Ban: Round 15329
Ban Message:Admin message left by Tom F Hardy on 2021-06-21 17:48:38

Banned from Roles: Captain, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Chief Engineer, Research Director, Chief Medical Officer, AI permanently - Round 15329 - Command/Silicon 3) Do not abandon the station, Command/Silicon 1.1) Incompetence. You asked to be ghosted as the HoS, then immediately came back and took the AI, only to ask to be ghosted again. You have shown time and time again that you aren’t responsible enough to take these important roles. Appeal when you think you can play them properly
State your appeal: Firsty very sorry. I have a very bad schedule and things are sprung on me often. I had to leave while playing HoS and as I was apologizing to the admin HazyAssaulter for having to leave during the round because it is against the rules. While I was typing my apology the prompt to be the AI came up and I clicked the letter that I had hot keyed to say yes while writing without noticing and was placed into the AI. As soon as this happened. I notified the admin and apologized leaving shortly thereafter as I had only stayed around the extra 2 minutes to clear up misconceptions and see how the new me would intergrate himself into a round in a mrp setting. Although I agree my actions were incompitant I did not in my own mind abandon the station. I think a temporary ban would be more fitting for my actions. My apologies if ghosting people is tedious.

The issue isn’t that ghosting people is tedious, it’s that these roles are often not taken when offered, leaving an empty command role that you signed up to take. This is fine to do occasionally when you actually need to leave, but when you’re still around minutes later after having to leave and then argue that it’s ok to rejoin after doing so, I have my doubts that your AI pick was “accidental”.

This is my ban so I can’t deal with the appeal, however.

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once again I am sorry for ghosting in a role of command. I am sorry if I argued with you I just wanted to know if it was ok to join back as a cyborg if the round was still going on in a hour or two like they have been known to do. I didn’t take the traitor ghosting opportunity which I consider evidence I am not trying to pick roles when I need to leave. I was in the middle of typing a word and the prompt came up. It took priority and I registered it as yes with the hotkey by accident. Once again I am sorry but I would enjoy playing the roles like Head of Security again if I could be given the chance to follow the guidelines better at a later date.

Sorry if this is getting long winded I see the other ban appeals are rather short. I will try my hardest in the future to change if I could be unbanned. I have fully read the tgwiki article on HoS, fulp guidelines. And read some of the command guides here on the forum. If I was allowed to continue playing these roles I would only ever select them if I am 110% certain I will not need to log off. I understand that is is highly inappropriate and I am setting the department back. I hope I can reform my actions and act better in game should you allow me a second chance.

Abandoning the round every now and then happens, but when it’s at the beginning of the round, that role is more or less wasted since no one really wants to play someone else’s static character, and only admins can re-open command positions. That being said, as long as we’re at an understanding that roundstart ghosting command roles is bad, perma seems excessive here. Reducing this to 3 days.

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