Ban Appeal - Jermal254

  • Byond Account: Jermal254
  • Character Name(s): Karson Morris
  • Discord Name : hyphineas
  • Round ID of Ban: 9696
  • Ban Message
  • State your appeal: I was very excited to finally have a xeno round and I was a scientist so I was extra happy that I could in a sense be like a parent to the xeno and “try and raise it right” I was trying to place a monkey in the enclosure so that we wouldn’t need to deal with the messiness of having a human host however Dillon stumbled into the pen with the xeno and it latched onto him as so as I had reached the console and placed down the monkey. I was distraught now everything became alot more grey and difficult. See of course security wanted to lock him away in the xeno pen however in a different round I had the roles reversed when I was in the xeno pen and there was a lot more sec so they kept me in the pen and kept stunlocking me over and over which is not a fun way to have the rest of the round go until you eventually get gibbed by the xeno so in my mind I wanted Dillion to have a good rest of his life at the bar. So I pushed the sec officer down a few times until I was able to unlock the pen and Dillion could get out. while Dillion was escaping the enclosure the officer happened to crawl in and at that moment it looked like a great moment for Dillion as now he could enjoy the rest of his life in relative peace as we went off to the bar. I closed the officer in the pen and off we went. Finally we reached the bar and as soon as we sat down Dillion lit a cigar and humorously exploded into gore as it bursted out of him. After such the xeno escaped into the vents. Afterwards I was swiftly banned I apologized and I asked if there was anyway I could make it up before so but Sliggist saw that I had something about self antaging however as hard as I try I just can’t remember what it was that I did to self antag a few days before being banned. I will admit sometimes I do get carried away and I do think seeing the station in chaos mode is fun but I realized that while those are interesting and fun is that they are organic and people aren’t just attacking people for no reason. It is always fun getting to be the bad guy of the story but it is a terrible story if there are no good guys and I was a bad guy when I should of been a good guy and that is where I think my problem lied. My one issue with this though is getting banned for what I believe should have been a more in character issue I understand if I had to spend the rest of the round in the admin jail which would on all accounts have been totally fair and deserved but I am not an admin and that is not how it went and this is my appeal. I am sorry as I get carried away and I am not trying to be a bad guy

I am glad you understand what you did was wrong, the ban is only for 3 days so i am going to go ahead and leave it. Releasing xenos onto the station intentionally and putting a sec officer into the cage like that was pretty bad so I’d say 3 days is pretty lenient.