Ban appeal: Joaquin Pycroft

Byond name: icarusfoundyou
Character name: Joaquin Pycroft
Ban Message:
You have been banned by Horatio22 from the server.
Reason: Core 2- self antag
As a non-antag chef, killed and then allowed the other cook to gib players for entering your kitchen. This is over-escalation. Round 11616

I was a chef and got admin message asking why I killed another player who was a mime named Mloan. I explained to the admin that the mime had stabbed me several times using a beer bottle, but I received this ban for over escalation.

This happened during a time when sec was trying to arrest me, and Mloan jumped over the kitchen counter. My standard policy when being a chef is to close the shutters a few times on people who trespass, but Mloan got past the shutters and began stabbing me. This is exactly why I have the policy in place, because often people steal stuff in the kitchen or attack the chefs. Sec usually never come when called over comms, so sometimes its easier to have a hands on approach.

Another player that was killed asked to be deep fried and I fulfilled their request.

As far as I know I didn’t actually kill the mime, but regardless they attacked me first. I would’ve taken their body to medbay but the other cook gibbed them.

Even if the mime started it, our policy on escalation requires you to stop at least reasonably into crit (somewhere in the 0 to -30 range) and even then you have to take them to medbay afterwards. You stabbed them to -113. This is enough for a ban already with your note history. If you had tried to bring the body to medbay, this might be more forgivable, but you allowed the other chef to gib them so they were removed from the round.

Appeal denied