Ban Appeal: JohnnyJohnny

Byond Account: JohnnyJohnny

Character Name(s): Shlomo Goldsteinberg

Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): HappyGuy#3610

Round ID of Ban: 12325

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): 12325 - Album on Imgur

State your appeal: Yeah this was pretty stupid, I haven’t played in a while and made a Jewish stereotypical caricature. Before the incident with the holodeck, I had spent most of the round bringing the CMO back from death, so I wasn’t just causing problems. Someone had hacked the Holodeck to have dangerous settings, I was looking at them and unknowingly hit the one that brings in a bunch of deadly holo-carp. They weren’t despawning, so in a panic I set it to the version with a ton of fuel tanks and blew them up along with myself. Nobody else was in the area, so the only deaths were me and the swarm of holo-carp. In the future, I’ll give my characters normal names and be more careful around the holo-deck should I be unbanned.

Appeal Accepted

It looks like it was a simple mistake, but the bad name just makes you look like a random griefer…
Please avoid this in the future, we take these things seriously here.

Anyway, hope you have fun in the server now.