Ban appeal johnwillard

Character Name(s):cant remember

Discord Name destructorthereborn#7189
Round ID of Ban: johnwillard

Ban Message Round 17476 - Got facehugged as a non antag Bartender, then lied about it to avoid having the egg surgically removed, before shortly after plasmaflooding all of Medbay. When I told you that you weren’t being fully honest (You were a Bartender plasmaflooding and lying to intentionally spread the xeno infection, afterall), you told me to go fuck myself and that you had better servers to play on. You should take a break to read the rules: Server Rules | Fulpstation Wiki
State your appeal: Well…uhm…yeah…I had a mental breakdown 1 day and got three bans…I honestly dont expect an unban without a vouch…if not at all…im sorry and uuuh…yeah…Probably will need a vouch…My act isnt so great. note yes i know i have uuh a colorful note history but I have played on a server for sometime Where I have 0 notes.

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You’ll need to fill out the template completely before this will be reviewed. That includes your ckey (byond username).

The original ban was in November. You did this in March, and you have a similar ban from Yog about a month after John banned you. This is a consistent pattern of behavior, not a simple one off. This is denied and will not be re-reviewed.