Ban Appeal Jon Wahson (Thesmokealarm)

Byond Account:Thesmokealarm
Character Name(s):Jon Wahson
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):I dont use discord
Round ID of Ban:1876

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):As A Non Antag Chef, you ran around the station smashing shit and and attacking people with a sharpened cleavers knife, when caught by sec you told them to behead you and serve you as food, you ghosted my ticket, take this break to re-read the rules
State your appeal:What happened was: i got attacked with a hatchet by a lawyer, so i attacked him with the cleaver, , sec caught me and i told them to serve me up as food and decapitate me, now, why did i ghost the ticket?, i was AFK, so i left the game playing while i was away, i didnt realize that the admin had messaged me, when i came back, i saw on my screen, a green text, “An admin is trying to message you, click his name to answer to him”, i was already disconnected, so i tried to reconnect to see if i could answer him, but it was too late, now that i got banned

This ban was applied correctly, so this appeal is denied. Greytiding (smashing windows and department materials) is against server rules.

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