Ban Appeal - LordGfus, Asking To Unban

Byond Account: LordGfus
Character Name(s): Viklechard Baltimore
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Cold Blood#1009
Round ID of Ban: 22506 
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): 

Screenshot (351)

State your appeal: I Feel Like It’s Unfair Just To Permban Someone On Their Second One I Mean Like Think Of It I Was Having Revenge Wanting To Have Chaos But Also Trying To Learn, Yet You ROBLOX Like Moderators Just Permaban Me Like If It Was Some Serious Sexual Stuff, Forreal, Get Better Moderation And Try To Think What To Do Like Give Me A 1 Month Ban Because It’s Literally Almost Been A Month Ever Since That Ban So In That Case If A Month Is 29 Days Or 30 Or 31 That Means That I Should Get My Unban At 2022-11-03 Or 04 Or 05, Choose And Think, I Got Time To Wait For That Yet I Was Smoothbrained In SS13, But Please Make Your Choices Once Again, Yet I Can’t Find Any Other Servers Like This Server FULPSTATION, Of Course, All Decisions It Lead Me Is Basil, Sybil Or Russ And Played Basil Now And Then But Russ Is Empty Only If Russ Livestreams And Sybil Is A Big Server But Not Playing It Yet, Like Give Me Warns Or Some Shit, Because Seriously, Now After Making Your Choices After All This Please Unban Me Without SS13 I Am Bored With Life.

I’m gonna put as much effort into this response as you did writing this appeal. If you wanna write a coherent appeal, you can file again in 6 months.

This is denied.