Ban appeal, made big oopsie as chemist and admin understandably thought i was griefing

Byond Account:Seanmanman
Character Name(s):Abdullah Qanim
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Sean_#4520
Round ID of Ban:20533

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Round 20533 - Core 2). Malicious acts. Bombed medbay for no reason. Obvious grief.

State your appeal:I made an oopsie as a chemist, i was trying to take apart the grenade with a wrench, but accidentally activated it

[2022-06-02 14:20:18] Seanmanman/(Abdullah Qanim) (Medbay Storage (151,99,4)) (Event #0)
“ok boyos”
“i have a big plan”
“gonna be trolling”

You then printed a lot of voice analyzers and recorded the trigger word to be:

[2022-06-02 14:46:19] Seanmanman/(Abdullah Qanim) (Pharmacy (137,125,4)) (Event #52)
“allahu akbar”

Sorry I don’t trust you are here to make the rounds more enjoyable for the other players.

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