Ban Appeal: Manfredtherocket

Byond Account: ManfredtheRocket
Character Name(s): Manny Ali
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Manfred, will give number on request
Round ID of Ban: #14740

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): “Using discord to contact minors in a creepy way. Don’t come back.”
State your appeal: Well, frankly, I feel any good appeal begins with a declaration of innocence. I didn’t do shit, and in fact, I spent most of my time as an admin on another server banning underage people. This is part of a targeted harassment spiel against myself from someone I appear to have severely pissed off, with Fulp now the third server they’ve sent the same shitty screenshot to. Now this screenshot, let’s talk about it. It implies I tried to pull an underage person onto Citadel. That’s really funny, considering I have a grand total of maybe an hour on that place, which I’m pretty sure I spent dead for half of it. . Frankly, I’m surprised all it takes is a single discord screenshot and a fib to get someone banned for something this serious, cuz that shit is dangerously easy to fake. You can right click and inspect element and it’s off to the races from there, let alone changing your username and PFP briefly. I’m fighting three different bans now in the span of a week because of this shit, and I’d really like the benefit of the doubt that I didn’t do something for which there is literally zero proof. I can and will verify my claims made in this post, which is more than can be said for the particular person that I know is sending these.

We have screenshots of you sexually harassing someone you knew was 16. You can cry about them being fake all you want, but there’s literally no reason for someone to go through the effort to fake them. You’re a creep, and you’re not welcome here. We’re also informing other servers about this. Denied.