Ban Appeal - Matthew Lambton

  • Byond Account: Sinful Sound
  • Character Name(s): Matthew Lambton
  • Discord Name Lambton#1722
  • Round ID of Ban: #9968
  • Ban Message
    Banned by host: you or another user of this computer or connection (Sinful Sound) is banned from playing here.
    The ban reason is: Round 9968 -Core 0.1) rule lawyering, Core 2) malicious acts, Admin interactions 0. As an engineer you built a flamethrower and tried to hunt down cultists before they are considered valid in the rules. You argued with the banning admin for several minutes and rule lawyered. This would normally just be a note but it has been bumped up to a ban for core 0.1 and admin interactions 0 violations. This ban (Ban ID#12822) was applied by Tom F Hardy on 2020-09-27 20:58:48 during round ID 9968. The ban is for 3 days and expires on 2020-09-30 20:58:48 (server time)
  • State your appeal:
    he pretty much plainly states himself that he only banned me because he was mad I called him out in the ban report.
    He tried to imply I was valid hunting, I pointed out that the cult was already well known and the guy I attacked was standing on a rune, surrounded with gibs with glowing eyes so whats the problem. He said the cult needed halos. I asked if he thought any other mod would agree with that ruling and that he was clearly being silly so he banned me. He even says in the ban report that he didn’t ban me for valid hunting but for talking back to him.


You clearly didn’t know our rules on acceptable killing.

You were not playing security, so the cult shouldn’t even be your issue at that point but you still went out of your way to make a flamethrower as an engineer and go husk the cultists while security was actively trying to do their job and assault the cult bases for deconversion.

The cult being known by the crew isn’t a valid point, people scream cults 10 minutes into the round and this doesn’t allow you to abandon your job to go flamethrower people in maintenance.

The red eye isn’t a valid point because there are ways in game to get the same eyes as cultists have without being a cultist, which is why the Halo rule exists.

Horrible interaction with the admin in the ticket while also trying to admin shop and yes, every other mod would agree with this ruling.

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