Ban appeal Maxim Bould

Byond Account: Mtgovers
Character Name(s): Maxim Bould 
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Valus or Maxim Bould 

My first appeal i wrote (it was said i needed to wait atleast a month to appeal it)

This afternoon i got banned without my knowledge, so i wanted to appeal it because i think that a permanent ban isnt completely justified. So what happend is that there is apperantly a bug that makes it so that you can make neurowhine clouds and can roll for braintrauma’s. i knew this and i have seen it from a youtube video, but i learned how to do it from someone in game. I think i have used the trick in two rounds so far and i saw it by other docs/chemists aswell, thats also a big reason why i didnt think it was a issue to do it because i saw it every other round. I know this isnt a good reason but it explains why i even did it because had i known this was a bannable offence i wouldnt have done it.

And as Horatio states in the ban message i said indeed that i hoped it didnt get fixed. i said that to person i learned it from to express how i taught it was really awesome and a fun thing to do. it wasnt to imply that i wanted to use it for bad stuff and murderbone with it for example because that would get me banned. I also almost knew for a fact that it would get fixed super fast now that there was a youtube video online that showed how to do it. Still this was ofcourse really stupid to say and i shouldnt have done it in the first place.

What i am trying to say is that if i had known it was a bannable offence i wouldnt have done it. In core rule 2 it states that such a matter can become a bannable offence if occuring regularly. I personally dont think it happend so often that it justifies a permanent ban out of the blue.

I know now that i was wrong and a ban is justified but i just would like it to not be a permanent one.

notes from now:
After waiting a month to again appeal it i can still clearly see that i was definetly in the wrong and shouldnt have done it in the first place. I take complete responsibility for my actions that took place. And i hope that i can return to the server one day.

Best greetings,

This afternoon?


Sorry for the confusion. That was a part from the appeal i wrote a month ago. That i also wanted to include to give the context.

Well sure I guess.