Ban Appeal: Mercury

Byond Account: zVixual
Character Name(s): Seymour Jenkins
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): mercury#0666
Round ID of Ban: 12386
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): You have been banned by Mokoshotar from the server.

Reason: round id 12386 core 2 and 4, and admin interaction. as an antagonist, attacked someone outside of their objective. later, used a mech that had a homophobic slur for a name. was very argumentative in ahelps.
State your appeal: Admin started by despawning a mech I had picked up while I was being shot at by a randoid, then tells me “you shouldn’t be attacking people outside of your objectives” and that “the mech’s name was inappropriate”, I replied to this by telling him that I didn’t make the name (nor know I could change it until he replied in a later message) and he shouldn’t just be despawning mechs mid blob round but I understood and explained I was attacked first. To this he completely ignored me stating that I was robusting the player who lasered me and explained I could change the name and not using the mech to fight blob and that he was “just letting me know”. For this ignorance and the fact that he was clearly in a bad mood I retorted with “PM to-Admins: I got attacked first, didnt know I could change name, maybe take a break for a bit zealot (:”. He then got his feelings hurt and threatened me with the comment “being hostile with me is not in your best interest”. What type of power hungry mongoloid types that out on SS13? So of course my next message was “PM to-Admins: No real retort so you have to threaten someone, sorry you got bullied as a kid bro it’s just a game” and clearly I hit a nerve with this beta because he then banned me and completely ignored I was using mech in self-defense and did not name the mech. This ban was a clear reach and abuse of power because someone didn’t like being wrong. Thanks for taking time to read this!

For evidence I will put every admin message I sent and received:

That is a pretty clear violation of our Rule 0 on Admin Interactions and your post just double down on it.
I will edit the note the remove the Mech related thing but I don’t know what you expected with this appeal and acting like that…

Insert definition of madness quote here