Ban appeal:messhigher Game id: 10355

Reason: server ban because i acted like a dickhead while warden and also ban evading.

Game id:10355
Admin: Manray0

I realize what i did was wrong and have a new appreciation for the admins and the bullshit they must have to deal with, I have no excuses for my actions but i promise to never break the rules again and keep the station running ship shape, if you will let me.

This was only supposed to be a sec ban from the looks of it. Messhigher is unbanned from the server, but the security ban will stay in place.

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I am still perma banned?
ass messhigher and Craftyafterdark

Ban ID: 13286

Ah whoops, forgot to uncheck a box with your ban. Craftyafterdark will stay permabanned since you were ban evading with it, but you should be able to play on messhigher