Ban appeal: moliberry/rockingsodawiththegota

account byond name: Moliberry/rockingsodawiththegota
i change accounts often cause i forget the password and its irelevent to the game since i like to play doctor and you can play that instantly
character name: dont remember sorry ;(
discord name: Moliberry#7395 contact me here please
round id: 10050
i was banned on the moliberry account for killing as a spider, i was warned before this but i was unaware of all the rules cause i didn’t read the rules even though the admin told me too, i have been playing this game for 4 years so i felt i understood the rules and didn’t need to read them and i am sorry for that, i tried to ban evade and got caught by by device id like a fool, i want to apologize for having not read the rules thoroughly beforehand and attempting to evade the original week ban. The account I will be using if my ban appeal is accepted is “Gamerfrommars1”
help please

It’s been a while and the original ban was only a week, so I’m comfortable accepting this appeal and welcoming you back. Please make sure to look through the rules and let me know if you have any issues logging into your new account.