Ban Appeal - Morgini

Byond account - Morgini
Character name - Morgan Ini
Discord name- Morgini#0002
Round ID ban - 10973

Appeal: Got banned for “self antaging” as a cargo tech because I tried to sell the HoP’s locker. The locker never got sold and I never broke into his office. Also got talked to about self antaging as HoP when I had valid reasons too, those reasons being that the captain ordered them. Also the admin that bwoinked me for the 3 rounds of gun buying wasn’t even there for them.

you should probably edit this so its in the same format as all the other ban appeals coz they wont read it otherwise.

aight thanks for the advice

I was on for this round, and the amount of effort Slig put into determining who took the locker was pretty significant. Also, stealing command gear is explicitly mentioned as a prohibited act under power gaming in the server rules, so not knowing about it being a violation is 100% on you. Your note history justifies the ban, and it was made correctly. Appeal denied.