Ban Appeal: Mr.Patata(4)

Byond Account: Mr.Patata
Character Name(s): John Parrilla
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Detroh#1989
Round ID of Ban: 21668

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: i just trasspased the kitchen zone for a banana pie, that started a conflict with the chefs, we and starting to throwing chairs between us, 2 minutes later the chefs leave the kitchen and starting to stabbed me to death, when a good man of surgery revive me, i went to the kitchen and i see one of the chefs stabbing a lot of more people i helped the other guys and least 5 minutes later i got a ban, because i dont explained to good in the admin request, because my english is not the best and i feeled nervous, i think this could be solved on rol.

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You started the conflict with the chefs, I’m not going to buy that you went back and killed them only because they were harming other crew.

Ignoring the simple fact that people have seen chefs beat you up, which was completely fine as you were trespassing in their department, and then started to attack the chefs too because “The chefs are killing people.”

You see were this goes right? You made the round worse to a lot of people because you wanted to trespass into other player’s department to steal their things, then pick up fights “In self defense”.

TLDR: You are a net negative to the server with how you play and you’re not coming back.