Ban Appeal: MyPingIsHuge

  • Byond Account: MyPingIsHuge

  • Character Name(s): Nut Nut

  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): MyPingIsHuge#5533

  • Round ID of Ban: 10210

  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): You have been banned by Sliggist from the server.
    Reason: Round 10210 Reason grief and admin interaction on corperate laws you killed a mime you kept saying all you did was crit him and bring him to sec you sawed him down to -100 health killing him and just wouldnt stop argueing that you didnt kill him please just read the rules on silicon since they play differntly then crew because they have laws to follow

  • State your appeal: Hello, thank you for taking the time to go through this.
    Here’s how it went: this was one of my first times playing borg. It was corporate lawset, and i was a medical borg.

I find a mime in the middle of murdering someone, in some closed off place. I take a picture of him in the act, flash him, and try to bring him to sec. He escapes, somehow. I think someone grabbed him off me. I give HoS the picture, who sets him to arrest and thanks me for the service. Shortly after, he shows up right at Sec’s doorstep, firing a gun in my direction. Three people nearby immediately lynch him, including me.

Now, here’s my interpretation: critting a shooter then healing him inside of Sec does not cost anything at all. Leaving a murderer alone, after he’s set to arrest, as he’s currently firing weapons at the crew, which are costly to replace, would be very, well, costly.

Unfortunately, due to everyone beating on the guy at once, he dies. Well, i’m a med borg. I have defibs, so… no cost. He’s not being replaced, he’s about to be defibbed.

I drag him to Sec, tell the HoS about what happened, he thanks me again and gives me the go-ahead to defib him inside Sec’s medical room.

It’s at this point that Sliggist bwoinks me. Instead of allowing me to defib the guy, he locks my borg, literally in front of his ready-to-revive body. Proceeds to tell me for 20 minutes that i’m not allowed to kill. Then revives the guy with admin powers, instead of allowing me to fix my mistake.

He ignored all my attempts at explaining the context. I showed him the picture i took, he did not even look at it. I tried to show i’m a new player, but he doesn’t care. In his head, this is how you treat new players: you yell at them for half an hour, then you GRIEF THEM before a ban: he proceeded to detonate my borg and, with his own character, took my MMI, paraded it through the station, spaced it, and finally banned me.

Yes, you read that right: no warning. No note. Just a straight ban, because i went 10 points of damage over death threshold due to other players also attacking. AS I’M ABOUT TO REVIVE THE VICTIM.

During all this time i’m trying to talk to this guy, as politely as i can, that the kill was an accident and he was one second away from being revived, in sec, as it should be.

So once again: he NEVER attempted to even EXPLAIN what i should have done instead. He NEVER told me how he wanted me to fix my mistake. He NEVER even bothered explaining how and why what i did would be against my lawset.

I’d also like to point out this is my first ban ever. Hell, it’s my negative admin interaction ever. I’ve been playing on-and-off on Fulp for ages, just not as borg. Something else to point out is that people talked about this for quite some time. The HoS, the victim i saved, the people that helped lynch the criminal and many others manifested themselves in my support, explaining the context and that what i did was not breaking laws or servers rules. Not even worthy of a warning or note, let alone a ban. Of course, he did not care in the slightest.

I asked other admins on the Discord, and NOBODY agreed with the decision to issue a straight ban over this, especially to a new player at a class. Isn’t fulp supposed to be newbie-friendly? How can it be friendly when you have a teen admin that bans outright when people make an easily-fixed mistake?

Once again, thank you for reading.

I asked other admins on the Discord, and NOBODY agreed with the decision to issue a straight ban over this, especially to a new player at a class.

Absolutely not true. I explained to you in ask-mods what you’d done wrong, why it was an issue and why it was a ban-worthy offence, as did other junior moderators.

You said literally ONE thing on the subject, and it was definitely none of what you’re claiming at all. Who are you trying to fool here? Why lie?

" Bonbon (Refridgerator Pyx)10/10/2020

Depends who you kill as a corporate @MyPingIsHuge law 1 is “the crew is expensive to replace”. You therefore cannot kill anyone on the crew manifest. Infiltrators/nukies/etc are fine. Also to add to what Ath said, if you DO kill someone you should get them to medbay. Forced-borging is not against your laws in this case imo, but it is against law 2 of silicon interactions (leave command decisions to command)"

To quote, “if you do kill someone you should get them to medbay”. Which is what i did. Which is, according to YOU, the CORRECT WAY TO HANDLE IT. So what you’re saying now is that doing the correct way is ban-worthy? “Oh this is what you should do, but you’ll get banned anyway, sorry!”.

And to complement, i’m pretty sure the law says “expensive to replace”, according to your own reply. Nobody was replaced. The guy was BEING DEFIBBED. As far as i know, someone getting defibbed is still the same person, according to your own server rules. Are you aware of this?

And i DARE you to find and copy-paste an admin’s response there that was supporting the ban. There are none. I have the entire conversation printed, but good try. Here it is:

If you’re not interested in responding my appeal, why even reply at all? This is embarassing.

This ban is expired, so I’ll just be closing this.

For the record, your ban was due to how you conducted yourself in the ticket; otherwise, the offense itself would have just been a note. Your response to Pyx (who is a mod and therefore can’t do ban appeals) is pretty evident that the ban was applied correctly.