Ban Appeal : Nonbisco

Byond Account: Nonbisco
Character Name(s): Richard Williams
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Nonbisco, Pope of Beans#9372
Round ID of Ban: 10689
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): 5
State your appeal:

I’m submitting this appeal again because the last admin outright refused to look through the logs

I was recently banned for “killing people as chaplain hulk for no apparent reason, including sec”, and I wish to appeal this because, while I understand things can get confusing, I had motivation, and I did not kill sec.

To adress the sec: I was playing as chaplain, yes, and had recently become hulk, and while looking around the station for cultists I read on the radio that someone was symphoning money from the vault, so I went to check. I got there together with a purified construct and the quartermaster.
I think the construct teleported into the vault somehow then I assume (didn’t see) that the construct killed the guy who was symphoning, then the AI let me and the QM inside and we found the guy dead(he was sec). I do admit I hit his corpse a few times and that was not exactly necessary, but I want to stress the fact that I did not kill him
A detective came in and yelled at me for “killing him” to which I think I did reply saying that he was dead when I found him.

The only other time I can think of where it would seem like I attacked as hulk chaplain for no reason would be when I killed someone on the escape shuttle.
To this I wish to say that it was not without reason, though I did take it too far, I did have a reason; for one he hit me first (maybe someone else hit me but I’m almost certain it was him) when I just wanted to yell at him a bit.

The reason I was mad at him is that we had previously fought two rounds in the rage cage, the first one I won and I chucked him outside after he fell down, he got healed and I left
The second one he won, but instead of showing me the respect I showed him he then killed me, which I was upset about, mainly because my null rod was still in the rage cage and I was afraid I would lose it and because I ended up with brain damage and I had to go through the hassle of getting that fixed.

I found him some time later outside science and I gave him a few kicks, then left.
Later I found him on the shuttle and I wanted to tell him he’s an ass(I couldn’t in science because I still had brain damage if I remember right), but he attacked me, and at that point I was angry with him for being so rude and I just ended up killing him, while I did take it too far, I did have a reason, and for what it’s worth, the round was going to end soon anyway.

So in conclusion, I did not kill the sec officer, I had my reason for attacking the other guy, and I just want to clear my name.

You conveniently left out the reddit link of you calling us idiots. Unfortunately, asking for a different admin to look over an appeal is admin shopping, which isn’t permitted. It’s a 3 day. You’ll be fine.

Still denied.