Ban Appeal of Yondivi

Byond Account: YonDivi
Character Name(s): John Divi
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Seán#9308
Round ID of Ban: #30114

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Baited a clown into attacking them with genetics powers, then tried to frame them as traitor when they fought back. Also validhunting and generally being a shitter with genetics. Take a break and read over our rules again. This band (BanID #30114) was applied by Tom F Hardy on 2022-06-05 10:49:08 during round ID 20580.
State your appeal: I was a geneticist with the shock touch, mind reading and telepathy powers and I had a really sus partner who turned out to be a syndicate member. Before leaving his post for good he said “I’m not coming back” and then I saw the big huge death machine in the middle of the station. I saw an unknown in the middle and it looked a lot like my friend so I initially thought he got killed in the machine so I shocked the clown who created it and was staring at me and I think I ran off to tell security but they said it was completely legal even though I read the mind of the unknown in the middle and the clown and the unknown was dead and the clown had the intent to harm. I had given the clown mutations (dwarfism and I believe telepathy) earlier so I had nothing against him irl or anything, this was not me targetting him.

I think I left and realized my friend had bugged the captains office or something but I glitched my mind reading powers so I went back to take mutadone. After a while I got hulk and went back to the machine to check on it. I got slipped over by something near the entrance of the machine. I thought the clown was tricking people and slipping them over so that they could get stuck in and killed without their permission so I attacked the guy and he critted me and I needed medical attention.

After that I tried telling an officer in medbay about this but he said he didn’t care and left. Later on I went past there because I needed food and the security was breaking the wooden part of the machine and I used hulk powers to help because they werent even able to do anything. I learnt only then that the machine was a voluntary thing that people were enjoying (other players got angry at me for breaking things) but a few seconds later I saw the clown tripping over a member of security and I wanted to help because I was already helping security and I wanted to say a few things about him when he was detained. Eventually he got lead to the gym area and I kept in front of the door so that he wouldn’t escape just to help. I said he was a traitor because of the mind reading thing, it was not an excuse I made after baiting him for an attack like you say. I want that much to be made clear even if you do still consider what I did as validhunting and in general I’m sorry for this stupid situation

This is a hold over from the intent systems. It does not mean someone is an antag. Regardless, going after someone with hulk powers to help security is valid hunting, so this ban appeal is denied.